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Escape to the enchanting Kingdom of Eswatini and embark on a journey of flavor discovery at Benka Lifestyle Luxury Country Cottages. We are thrilled to introduce our partnership with Jackalberry Distillery to offer you an unforgettable Gin Production Experience.

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About Jackalberry Distillery

Eswatini's pioneering Small Batch Craft Distiller, Jackalberry Distillery, takes pride in producing an exquisite range of spirits that capture the essence of the Kingdom of Eswatini.


Imbali Gin, Tatama Premium Vodka, Cosmos Colour Changing Gin, Marula Gin, Litchi & Ginger Seasonal Gin and most recently, MacForte 50-Macadamia Rum.


Gin Making Experience

Immersive Workshop

Sit back and relax in our library of flavors as you learn the intricate art of gin making.

Gin Making Experience

Expert Guidance

Our Master Blender will guide you through the process, unraveling the secrets behind creating the perfect gin.

Gin Making Experience

Personalised Creation

Craft your own signature gin blend, tailored to your unique preferences, and take home a 200ml bottle personalized with your chosen name.

Gin Making Experience

Exclusive Access

Delight in the finest spirits produced by Jackalberry Distillery, renowned for their craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

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Join Us on a Journey of Discovery

Unlock the secrets of artisanal gin making and create lasting memories at Benka Lifestyle Luxury Country Cottages. Savor the distinctive flavors of Eswatini with Jackalberry Distillery's exceptional range of spirits, crafted with passion and dedication.

Gin Making Experience

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